There's Not Enough Time in the Day

Sometimes it truly feels like there is just not enough time in the day. 

This weekend I got an opportunity to take a break from work and this meant a lot of time spent on YouTube consuming content. I pride myself on listening to a ridiculous amount of Ted Talks and speeches but have been slacking recently, so when I had a second to breath, I dove in.

As soon as I opened up the YouTube page I immediately stumbled upon this really neat account. Not going to lie, it felt kind of cheesy in the way he set it up, a little too much “motivational hype for my liking,”  but the content this guy made was still phenomenal. 

His name is Evan Carmichael and for most of his videos he pieces together interviews from amazing and inspiring athletes and entrepreneurs to make their “Top 10 Rules for Success.” 

And I realized after watching some of his content that calling him “cheesy” might be a little off since he has nearly 3 million subs. Obviously the guy knows what he’s doing. But anyways that’s besides the point!

I began watching video after video from people like Jay Z, Kobe Bryant, Bill Gates and Will Smith. All people that are true legends in their respective craft. I started scratching notes down as fast as I could in my trusty $0.50 notebook. I watched hours and hours of content making sure to take notes on every single word that was said. Then once I finished watching over 10 videos, I tore out all my notes and laid them out on the floor. I took a step back to see if I could identify things that every single legend in these videos said in common.

And what I found is that no matter how it was said essentially every person in their Top 10 Rules For Success had some very similar points. Things like…

Be Different.

Surround Yourself With Good People. 

Don’t Listen to Those That Don’t Believe In You. 

Do What You Love. 


Whether it was said as “Be willing to make sacrifices, including your time” or “prioritize the things you really want and let go of what you don’t” or “practice, practice, practice” they all were essentially saying the same thing, spend your time wisely.

Such a simple piece of advice, advice that has been shared over and over from generation to generation, there are a billion cliches and catchy ways to say it, and yet most of us, including me, suck at it. 

Because it seems that no matter how scheduled my day is, no matter how many different to-do lists I make, no matter how many agendas I create, I still end the day sometimes feeling like I didn’t do much of anything. 

Why do I feel like that? Like my day was a waste? 

I guess maybe it’s because we are so quick to compare ourselves to others, even if we are nothing even close to that person. I watch videos all the time of great entrepreneurs and business leaders and want to emulate their lives. I study their days. I research their habits. I check their results. Though over and over I come up with the same problem in my mind, I just don’t have the time to put in all that work. 

But actually I don’t think that’s the problem at all… The problem is… 

I’m nothing like them. 

And the truth is…

I don’t want to be like them. 

I hate being in meetings. I don’t enjoy a ton of conference calls. I don’t like a packed schedule. And it’s not that there’s not enough time in my day, I just keep trying to fill my day with things I hate. 

I get so caught up thinking about a result that I want or caught up in acting like a “business leader” that I don’t even enjoy what I’m doing right now. Today. 

The one video that really caught me off guard as I searched for keys to success was listening to Warren Buffett. 

For those of you that don’t recognize that name, Buffett is a legendary American investor who has a net worth of nearly $90 Billion. He is currently the fourth richest person in the world that we know about. 

I would assume that his day is PACKED with meetings and calls and conferences, I mean certainly that much money doesn’t just happen. But when I was watching an interview done in the 90’s on Buffett they asked a question about how he spends his time. “Here it comes I thought. His meticulously planned day.” Then he simply said that he spends nearly 4 to 6 hours every day reading. Just reading. 

Not meeting, not planning, not prepping, not working, just reading… Why? Cause he enjoys it. And since he enjoys it, he makes time for it. To him that is a quality way to spend his time. 

And that to me seems to be the truest way to live your days. Not worrying so much about having enough time, but instead making sure the time you do have is well spent. 

It’s not that there’s not enough time in the day, it’s that we keep trying to spend it in ways that we don’t even enjoy. 

I enjoy no real schedule.

I enjoy my free time.

I enjoy going for walks or bike rides and clearing my mind. 

I enjoy sitting with my girlfriend and doing nothing. 

And by so many “business standards” or “success standards” these things are frowned upon. So often we get stuck feeling like we have to fill our schedules to feel like we’re actually doing something but I kinda think that’s a load of (pardon my French) bull poop. 

Don’t spend your time acting busy or doing tasks all the time you hate, ENJOY YOUR DAY. It’s not that there’s not enough time in your day, you’re just not spending it the way you want.

I’m tired of complaining about never having enough time, instead I choose to enjoy the time that I do have. 

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