Just Start Already

Just a few months ago I was speaking at a local school in a small town called Orting. To say the day was not ideal for a keynote speech would be an understatement. I work up a little later than I wanted to and because of that arrived about 10 minutes later to the school than I would have liked. This was going to be an outdoor assembly and as I arrived to the stadium bleachers, I noticed that the sun was rising. It was going to be beautiful scenery except the sun was soon going to be shining directly in the eyes of the audience. And on top of showing up late and the sun in people’s eyes it was also the first day of school, meaning that no one really cared that I was there in the first place.

I fought for 40 minutes to gather the attention of rowdy 12 year olds and gave what I might call a halfway average keynote. It was just not my day. Though despite me feeling down on myself the feedback was all rather great, people seemed to really enjoy the message I shared on making love simple. They all said mostly the same thing except one student. He said something I wasn’t  expecting and it will stick with me forever…

“Hey. I really liked what you said up there.You should write a book or something.” 

Write a book or something. Well it’s something I have always wanted to do. Surely one day I will release a book.

I went back to my life as normal and fell back into my usual routine, though for some reason I just could not get those words out of my head. You should write a book or something. 

And then one random day, I decided yeah why not? And just started writing. I figured I may not have a lot to teach yet, but I certainly have something to say. I opened a Google Doc and just started spitting stories all over the paper

Piece by piece and story by story I slowly built up what I considered a pretty decent manuscript. I then started asking questions of other writers I know as to how they published their book. I used YouTube tutorials to guide me along the way and all of a sudden… boom.

I had a book. I was an author. 

A feat that I had dreamed about for years and years as a kid all of a sudden was a reality. And the key was, JUST START. 

I think a lot of the time we get so caught up in waiting for the perfect moment to start whatever it is we dream of doing. 

You really want to start that clothing company, but you’re not sure how you can fund it. You really want to quit that job, but you don’t want to look for another one. You really want to make that song, but you’re nervous because it’s just not perfect yet. You really want to post that photography you have been working on, but it does not look professional enough, so you just wait till you have the right gear. 

And all of a sudden we are waiting and waiting and waiting for the perfect moment and if my short 20 years on this weird rock has taught me anything, THE PERFECT MOMENT DOES NOT EXIST.

I think the key is to simplify things and JUST START ALREADY then learn and grow as you develop.

This is a terrifying concept, however because it’s natural for us as human beings to want certainty. We want to know how things are going to work and when they are going to happen. In some way or another, we all want to know that things are going to happen exactly the way we want them to. I think we are trying to create certainty in an uncertain world. 

And the simple truth I have come to find is that anyone who is now successful had to just start one day.

Think about it, Michael Jordan most likely did not sit down and break down every single little mechanic of basketball to decide exactly how he wanted to play the game. He did not create a systematic calendar to decipher when he was going to start playing to give him the best opportunity to succeed amongst his competition. I doubt he sat down for weeks to create a breakdown of all the gear and equipment he would need to be successful. 

When we think about Michael Jordan doing that it sounds ridiculous! Why in the world would he do that? That’s a waste of time, that’s stupid. YET, it’s what we get caught doing all the time in our lives. We are stuck in a cycle of planning, prepping and waiting, but never actually doing.

Now I don’t know Michael Jordan personally, but I have to assume that when he decided he wanted to play basketball he did nothing more than lace up his shoes and start playing. 

So why don’t you? 

I think living a simple life starts by choosing to lace up your shoes and start playing. 

The perfect situation will never come. You will never have enough money. There is not enough gear in the world to prepare yourself with. JUST START ALREADY. And then figure it out day by day as you are in it. Constantly seeking improvement and change.

Now understand that I am not suggesting you blindly jump into massive life changing decisions, I am not telling you to flip off the boss you hate and start you rare quarter collecting business. You definitely want to prepare yourself and understand what you are getting yourself into, I am rather suggesting to stop thinking for such a long time! 

Spend more time DOING and less time PLANNING. 


And maybe one day I will be looking at your companies blog post and ordering your book on Amazon.

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