I Think We Should Slow Down

Sometimes I think we should all slow down just a little bit.

At this point I sound like a broken record talking about dropping out of college, but I’m going to talk about it again anyways.

Just last fall I made the decision, despite fair warnings, to leave school and pursue running my small business full time. I wanted to create clothes and travel around talking about love and I believed the best way to do that was to dedicate all my time into that. 

I dropped out of all classes as fast as I could and quite literally threw myself into the work. I wanted to know it all. I studied business online. I talked to mentors. I created marketing schemes. I created upstart plans. I just wanted to be successful and prove to myself, and mostly to others, that I could do it.

And I really thought I could. I consumed so much content and I studied what I believed to be the “greats of entrepreneurship” and I thought that I had something valuable, I had something to give the world. The question at hand though never should have been “could I?” Anyone and everyone CAN create a company, the question was and is “should I?” 

Slowly piece by piece I began to question myself. I never really knew fully what I was doing and was constantly putting out fires that I started myself. I was always working hard to prove myself that I spent most of my time acting like the company was official rather than building an official company. I just wanted, like a lot of people, to seem successful.

Now don’t get me wrong, the passion and the energy for what I do never wavered. I will forever be a mission driven person and my mission is to spread love. That will always remain the same. The problem was and sometimes still is, I was trying to rush things.

I wanted everything to happen right then and there! 

I want to be done with school NOW.

I want to have a massive company NOW. 

I want to be a famous speaker NOW.

I want to be a teacher NOW.

I want to run an interactive website NOW. 

And everything turned into now, now, now, build, build, build, teach, teach, teach. But when I actually took a step back I realized… I HAD NOTHING TO BUILD, I HAD NOTHING TO TEACH.

Certainly I believe I have had some experiences and understandings worth sharing and I think I have a gift along with a developed skill to help others grow, but I haven’t grown much myself, so who am I to create global outreach and teach millions right this second? 

What’s the danger in slowing down? Why not focus first on learning myself before I try to teach others? Why not take a step back and listen before I try to speak? Although this takes more time, it only leads to much more depth and wealth when I actually do open my mouth. 

And I don’t think I am alone in this struggle, I see it all the time.

People want to create programs and lessons to teach others how to run a business and they don’t even have a single successful company to their name.

People want to stand in front of massive crowds and talk about their stories and yet they aren’t even willing to listen or learn about others stories first. 

People want to become massive social media influencers yet they don’t have any skill or content worth sharing.

We live in a world where it seems that everyone obsesses over the result, but what about the process? I think we should all slow down. ESPECIALLY ME.

I find myself all the time looking around at what others are doing and go:

“Oh my gosh that is so sick I got to make my own.”

“WOW that speaker is doing this, I gotta make something like that too.”

“What? So and so is making this program? I need to do something too.” 

And instead of creating any real substance, I just end up copying and handing out crap instead of content. Why? Because I am too rushed. 

A lot of us are too rushed.

And I think the simple solution is to just SLOW DOWN. 

Instead of trying to make something, let’s learn something.

Instead of trying to lead, let’s participate. 

Instead of trying to teach, let’s listen. 

And piece by piece, experience by experience, I think we will one day actually have something worth teaching and sharing, instead of some forced and faked business scheme. 

I think we should all slow down.

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