I Keep Quitting

I realized today that I have a major problem. A problem that has impacted my life from a very young age. A problem that I really never wanted to have and never could confront that I did have, but the painful truth I have come to terms with is… I am a quitter.

See I think I am an amazing big picture and vision person. I love creating these massive goals and programs that will dramatically shift my lives and the lives of those around me, yet when it actually comes to make things happen, I just kind of poop out before I get very far.

I am very much so a dreamer and less of a doer. 

Like in highschool I created this plan that I wanted to keep a journal of every single person that I met each day so that I could track all of the names I learned in one year. The goal was that I would meet one new person everyday and then write down their name and a one page blurb about them. The reason I wrote one page is because then I could look back after the school year and reflect on what I thought when I met them and what our relationship looked like now. And this journal, my “Today I Met…” journal was literally the coolest thing ever for like 2 weeks. And then it just kind of became work. I kept forgetting to write down the name of the person I met that day and more often than not, never met anyone new so I didn’t have anything to write about anyways. In total I think I had about 32 pages of people and then I quit.

And what I thought was going to be an amazing physical representation of the influence I had through relationships turned out to be some scribbles in a spiral notebook that when into the trash anyways. And my “Today I Met…” journal that I never finished is just one example of me quitting on my goals.

I quit baseball.

I quit football. 

I quit basketball.

I quit guitar.

I quit band.

I quit YouTube (basically before I even started).

I quit photography.

I quit working out.

I quit skating.

I quit street bmx. 

I quit college. 

All choices to quit that can be deemed good or bad though the ultimate fact of the matter is, I am a quitter and always have been. And I think I always kind of knew this but never had to deal with it like I do now because I have an overwhelming feeling that I can’t quit.

Now that I no longer have school and a constant flow of student loans entering my bank account, I really have no other options that to be successful speaking, creating content and selling clothes. 

My business has gone from selling cheap screen printed t shirts out of my parents house to a real career. 

And yet, despite this awareness, despite me realizing this is no longer a game, I keep quitting. I make goals that I don’t follow through on. I make plans that I do nothing with. I keep on hanging vision boards all over my room only to throw them away a week later. The sad truth is, despite what I might have been saying my whole:

I love the product, not the process. 

And I don’t think I’m alone. So many people get caught in the same trap of crazy ambition where we seem to be on a never ending cycle of developing massive goals that we end up quitting on before we really even get started. In some way or another, we’re all quitters. 

See I think the main problem we have in society is not a lack of positive thinkers and dreamers, I think we just have a lack of positive doers. The simple solution, or rather the only solution I can see at this point of my life, is to make things as simple as possible. 

I have learned to systematize every little part of my life. I have a schedule that I follow in the morning and a schedule that I follow at night. I strive to start and end my day in the same way everyday that keeps me motivated and excited about what I’m doing. And I think very little about the big picture.

My dreaming is limited to about an hour a day and the rest of the time is spent doing. 

Go give people compliments.

Write those letters of gratitude.

Do your situps and pushups. 

Start a savings account. 

Paint a picture. 

Practice that speech. 

Learn that language. 

Read that book.

Practice your sport. 

I think we have to stop thinking so big and break down our massive goals into little pieces because it’s way too easy to justify quitting a job, a hobby or a sport but it’s a lot harder to want to quit the little things because they are so little. 

And although they don’t seem big, the rewards they produce will blow your mind. At least I think they will because I am still in the process with you. The truth is we all are.

So when people ask me now what I want to accomplish with Project Love People, instead of listing off business expansion plans, massive conferences and life changing banks of content I simply answer:

I want to make one persons day everyday. 

And that’s something that I will never quit.

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