I Can't Get Out of Bed

You ever have those days where you couldn’t get out of bed to save your life?

This morning I had an alarm set for 6:30 am. Sounds kind of early depending who you are, but since I was going to be at around 10 pm the night before, this was a more than reasonable time.

I wanted to get up, do some writing, maybe a quick workout and then start my long day of yardwork that I got coming. And I have always been really good and dedicated and getting up early when I need to in the past, but today and for the past 2 weeks, that has not been the story.

Every morning I roll over barely half awake and of course, press Stop on my alarm. Usually I sit up for a quick second and then decide that I could rest for at least 15 more mins, “I’ll just get some quick shut eye.”

Sure enough, 2 hours later I wake up scrambling to get out of bed, half dazed and confused why I slept in so late. The worst mornings are when you turn off your first alarm thinking you had a second alarm, which of course you didn’t actually set, then you go back to sleep confidently and wake up even more confused.

And I don’t know about you but it seems for me I always have the CRAZIEST little segments of dreams in those 15 min to hour long windows when I fall asleep after the first alarm.

The hardest part of it all though is not waking up rushed and confused, the hardest part is never the weird dreams, the hardest is always trying to start your day after waking up late.

I always feel frustrated with myself when I wake up late, like seriously Jared? 30 mins earlier you couldn’t have gotten out of bed and got your day started? You have tons to do today and no time to waste and chose to lounge around in bed? 

My mind starts to go crazy berating myself with thoughts of how I am never going to get enough done if I keep sleeping in. 

And I’m not exactly sure where this comes from, why I have this ridiculous standard that waking up early or on time is a sign of success. Maybe it’s from reading business books or watching motivational videos on YouTube, but wherever it comes from, all I do know is I feel terrible about myself when I wake up late.

The ironic thing is, since I end up thinking bad things when I wake up late, I in turn actually allow myself to have a bad morning. 

I try and speed up my process.

I will skip breakfast.

I don’t take time to think.

I huff and puff all over the house.

I’ll forget to brush my teeth. 

And I’ll storm out of the house to start my day. 

And I’ll blame this bad start on the fact that “I woke up late.” 

Where in reality, if you ask me, I don’t think the fact that I woke up late actually has any correlation to how I started my day. 

Now of course it’s never ideal to start your morning after missing an alarm clock, but once you have already slept in late, there is nothing you can do about. 

We often get so angry with ourselves for sleeping in and the reality is, there’s no point in getting angry when you can’t change the fact that it already happened. In a weird way, I think it’s almost a process of being able to forgive ourselves for waking up late. That’s what actually is going to create a difference. 

Think about it like this… say there is a young kid with some unchecked anger issues.

For some reason, they don’t know why, nobody knows why, this little kid is always getting into fights at recess. He just can’t help it. No matter how many breathing exercises he does or stress toys they give him, he just fights. 

And since everyone is telling him over and over and over again that fighting is bad, and he knows he is disappointing his teacher and his parents when he fights he gets even more mad about the fact he’s getting into fights over what he was fighting about in the first place. 

Now since this young boy doesn’t even really want to fight but keeps ending up in fights and then gets angrier at himself because of the fights, naturally he creates a cycle of frustration that makes each day worse and worse. 

Now obviously there are a lot of different ways to go about handling this situation, discipline, therapy, more tools and resources, but I think regardless, the first step is for the young boy to be able to forgive himself for the fights he has caused.  He has to let go of the anger about fighting before he can ever truly rid the desire to fight. Because once he has already got in a fight, that decision was made, the choice is now final and you can’t go back and fix it, so he might as well forgive himself for it. Otherwise he is staying mad about what he did in the past and now only make the next days worse by being mad about the previous. 

Okay now I get that choosing to start fights and sleeping in are very different issues, but I think they work the same way. At the end of the day, most people, including me, CHOSE to sleep in. I turned off the alarm or I didn’t get out of bed.

And now rather than forgive myself for that poor choice I made, I choose to get frustrated with myself. Now I end up as a result starting out with a terrible morning because I chose to be grumpy about the choice I made that I now can no longer change.

Why hold on to that wait? 

I might argue that it’s not even sleeping in that is making me have a bad day, I AM CHOOSING TO START MY DAY BAD. 

The key I think is being able to let go of the past and forgive myself, then choose to react in a better way not that I recognize what has happened and how it makes me feel. 

I hate sleeping in, but sometimes, it happens. Rather than let it ruin my day, why not see it as some extra rest and start the day of even better. 

Why not let it fuel my day rather than ruin it? 

So what I missed 30 mins that I could have been using to get ready for the day? Now that I am up and awake, I am going to take advantage of every single second I have. 

So yeah, sometimes I have those days where I just can’t get out of bed to save my life. 

But once I finally do, I’m gonna make sure I have the time of my life.

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