Find Your Balance

Just about a month ago, I was halfway convinced that my life was going to crap.

And I know that’s not the most motivating thing and maybe it’s not supposed to be coming from a “motivational speaker” but that’s real life for me. 

See I had just dropped out of college (which can stress any person out in it of itself and I am no exception), I was spending nearly 9 hours locked away in a little room on a computer every single day, I hadn’t hung out with any friends for at least 2 weeks, I had to clear out all my bank accounts just to pay rent, I was trying to run a clothing company single handedly and to top it all off, me and my girlfriend of over a year were fighting. 

What a time to be alive right? And for anyone that sees my social media and thinks I have it pretty easy off, welcome to my real world. 

Then one night in the midst of the never ending chaos, it must have been like 2 in the morning and I was watching Bob’s Burgers (one of the best shows ever) I just thought… 

“What am I doing?”

I am constantly stressed.

I am constantly exhausted.

I am constantly overworked.

I am constantly annoyed. 

And I know I can’t control all the things that happen to me and surely stress is just part of life, that’s normal, but some of this must be in my control. Some of this pain must be my fault. 

Then out of nowhere, the words of my girlfriend came overflowing into my mind,

“You need to find some balance.” 

I think we all need to find some balance. 

See if you are anything like me, you believe in working hard. You will go go go go until you break down and then watch some motivational YouTube videos and after that, go go go go again. This process repeats over and over into a cycle of big ambitions and little to nothing actually getting done. Not to mention, you will end up stressed out, anxious and most likely pretty lonely. 

Yet, so many of us live our lives this way! So focused on working hard that we destroy ourselves and the people around us. And for what? A few extra dollars?

I think the simple truth is WE ALL NEED BALANCE.

So I started to slow my life down. I set up a morning schedule and a routine so that I had some consistency within my day. I set aside time in my day each day to do things that I loved. Whenever I found myself stressed, I wrote down things that I was grateful for. And most importantly, I separated my time and energy. 

I put just as much time and energy into hanging out with friends as I did into business. So rather than aimlessly spend my time going back and forth between work and fun or ruining the time I had with friends and family by stressing about business, I split the two. There’s fun (friends, family and hobbies) and there’s work (speaking, planning and writing). 

So when I am having fun, all of my energy is aimed at having fun. 

When I am working, all of my energy is aimed at working.


And I wish I could show you some crazy results of the relationships I have made or the amazing products I am producing, but I am still learning the benefits of balance as I use it more and more in my life. All I really know is, I am a whole lot happier. And the people around me are happier too. And that’s the best outcome I could ever ask for. 

Stop trying to do it all when you know you can’t.


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