When I started Project Love People, I was beyond excited. 

I quite literally could not sleep in my tiny little dorm room just thinking about all of the things the company was going to do and create. I wanted to build a team that was going to spread love and simplicity like wildfire. I wanted to shift culture and turn a feeling of indifference to a conviction for love. 

I was so passionate about this goal, it even led me to drop out of college. I left Central Washington University my Sophomore year so that I could all my time and energy into PLP and that is exactly what I did. 

For around 10 hours a day I would stay parked in front of a computer going absolutely crazy. I was a content machine. Constantly trying to create new things and new programs and at the same time consume a ridiculous amount of content as well. I was reading a book a week and listening to nearly 12 hours of Ted Talks and other leadership based content as well. 

I was obsessed. 

My walls were covered with pictures of sneakers I was going to buy and cars I wanted to own. I had massive vision boards depicting the most expensive and rare materials I could think of. I was going to be successful at all costs. 

And I thought I had the recipe for success. 

I created good habits. I had healthy relationships. I consumed good content. I constantly posted good content. I was on my way to becoming the next poster child of entrepreneurship. 

And then… I left my little house in Ellensburg and went home for 2 weeks during Christmas time. 

During that time I visited friends and family and of course, stopped by my old high school that I graduated from 2 years ago. Every year during that time they put on this massive assembly called “Winter Wishes” and invited previous students to come back and watch. And of course, I was excited to go.

In a way, this was my opportunity to show off. This was a place where people knew me and could see me and hear about all the “amazing” things I was doing (things most people didn’t actually care to hear, but my ego often tries to get the best of me). 

And I’ll never forget as I sat there in front of the assembly on a little plastic chair feeling… lost. 

I mean I shouldn’t have. This was my home. I loved this place, I gave everything I had to this place, yet today, it just didn’t feel right. 

I tried to blame it on the school for a while, “the students were just different” I told myself. “I just haven’t been back in a while that’s all.” But as I thought about it more and more, I don’t think the school had anything wrong at all. 

I did. And maybe still do. 

I was so caught up in the excitement of trying to create something that I became more focused on posting than learning people’s names. 

I became more focused on my busy schedule than calling my loved ones. 

I became more focused on building a business than on… spreading love. 

And yet, the entirety of this company is to spread love. Meaning that I am trying to create a business aimed at love and yet, I can’t even find the time to focus on it. 

See I think the problem was that I got a lot more focused on DOING instead of BEING. 

Over the past year I got really really good at DOING a whole lot. I could fill up a Google Doc with ideas faster than anyone. I could fill up a calendar like no one else. I could post on Instagram like the best social influencer in the world. And yet, even by doing so much, not a lot was getting done. 

So when I stepped back into my old school, a place where I poured EVERYTHING into who I was BEING and could care less about what I was DOING it was like I punched myself in the face then kneed myself in the groin and kicked myself on the way down. (Okay maybe that was a little too dramatic but you get the point). 

I was so busy pretending to be a business owner that I forgot to be Jared. 

And I’ve realized in my life that I think I can be successful in whatever I do. We all can. I can walk in front of any size crowd, give a speech that is total BS full of random bits of advice that I don’t use or follow and collect my check and make a living. In fact, I think I could become pretty damn rich doing that if I really wanted. DOING is not that hard. You can DO anything and become good at it. 

The problem is it leaves us empty. 

We just become the hands of a task rather than the soul of a life. 

See I think true fulfillment comes when we focus on BEING > DOING. 

BE the kind of person you would want to be around.

BE yourself.

BE full of life.

BE kind to others. 

BE the best you that you can be today.

And I have a funny feeling that through your focus on BEING, what you should be DOING will become ever more clear. 

BE > DO.

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